CEO Spotlight: Colin Weatherwax Shines Light on Cars for Kids Mission

Mar 13, 2024


We're thrilled to announce that Colin Weatherwax, our esteemed CEO at Cars for Kids, was recently featured on KRLD's CEO Spotlight with David Johnson. In this illuminating episode, Colin delved into the heart of our organization's mission and vision for creating positive change in our communities.

During the interview, Colin shared insights into Cars for Kids' commitment to supporting children in need across the nation. He discussed our ongoing efforts to provide hope, opportunities, and resources to underprivileged youth, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and support.

Colin also highlighted the impactful initiatives and partnerships that drive our mission forward, underscoring our dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families.

We invite you to listen to Colin's inspiring interview on CEO Spotlight, where he sheds light on our journey, challenges, and triumphs as we continue to strive for a brighter future for all children. Stay tuned for more updates and stories of impact from Cars for Kids! 🚗✨ #CarsforKids #CEOSpotlight #CommunityImpact