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Jan 30, 2024
Luxury in Motion: 2018 Maserati Levante Hits the Auction Block at Cars for Kids!

Get ready for an exhilarating opportunity! Cars for Kids announces the auction of a pristine 2018 Maserati Levante, boasting less than 40,000 miles. Open to both dealers and individual bidders, this auction offers a chance to own luxury on wheels.

Key Auction Details:

  • Vehicle: 2018 Maserati Levante
  • Mileage: Under 40,000 miles
  • Auction Date: February 3, 2024
  • Location: 7100 Marvin D. Love Fwy. Dallas, TX 75237

How to Participate:

  • Bring a government-issued ID.
  • Place a fully refundable $200 deposit.

This sleek and powerful Maserati Levante is set to captivate car enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike. Don't miss your chance to make it yours!

Join us at Cars for Kids for an auction experience like no other. Unveil the luxury, bid with excitement, and drive away in style.

For more information, visit www.carsforkids.org or contact us at auction@carsforkids.org.

Transforming Vehicles into Opportunities for Kids.

Jan 24, 2024
Who Buys Junk Cars and How to Make a Difference

Have you ever gazed at an old, rusting car sitting in the driveway or garage and wondered, "What good is it now?" These vehicles, often labeled as 'junk cars,' might seem worthless initially, but they harbor a hidden potential beyond mere metal and mechanics. They are not just dormant assets; they are untapped opportunities with the power to change lives. This is where Cars for Kids comes into the picture, turning what many consider waste into a resource for hope and growth.

Cars for Kids, established as a beacon of hope and support, operates with a unique mission. Unlike traditional buyers in the junk car market, this organization channels the value of your old vehicles into something far more impactful – developing and nurturing children's potential. Through their programs, every car donated becomes more than just a transaction; it becomes part of a larger narrative of empowerment and community support.

Who Buys Junk Cars?

The market for junk cars is far more diverse and exciting than most people realize. It includes a variety of buyers, each with their purposes and benefits. Understanding who these buyers are can help you see the value in your old vehicle, no matter its condition.

  1. Scrap Yards: The most common destination for junk cars is the scrapyard. Here, cars are primarily valued for their metal content. Scrap yards dismantle vehicles, selling off parts that can be recycled and crushing the rest into metal scrap. This metal is then melted down and reused, making scrap yards an essential part of the recycling ecosystem.
  2. Auto Salvage Yards: Like scrap yards, auto salvage yards purchase junk cars. However, they focus more on salvaging usable parts than just the metal. These yards meticulously extract and resell parts like engines, transmissions, and smaller components like mirrors or seats. An auto salvage yard can offer a better price than a scrapyard for car owners with a vehicle that's no longer running but has some good parts.
  3. Private Buyers and Collectors: Private buyers or collectors might occasionally be interested in junk cars. These buyers often look for specific models for restoration projects or to source rare parts for other vehicles. While this market is smaller, it can sometimes offer surprisingly high prices for the right car.
  4. Online Marketplaces: Online platforms have opened up a new avenue for selling junk cars. Websites and apps where you can list your car for sale have made it easier to find private buyers. However, this option often requires more effort from the seller, including advertising the car, negotiating prices, and sometimes even arranging towing.
  5. Charitable Organizations like Cars for Kids: Among these buyers, charitable organizations like Cars for Kids stand out for their noble cause. Instead of focusing on profit, these organizations use your junk car to fund essential programs for children's development. When you donate your car to Cars for Kids, you're not just disposing of an old vehicle but contributing to a cause that benefits society. Your junk car, which might be worthless in your eyes, can play a critical role in supporting educational initiatives, mentorship programs, and various activities that help children thrive.

Cars for Kids - More Than Just a Buyer

Cars for Kids transcends the usual transactional nature of junk car buying. Each vehicle donated becomes a pivotal part of funding initiatives for children's development programs. Picture this: your once treasured car now helps a child access educational resources, mentorship programs, and development activities that shape their future.

The Process of Donating Your Junk Car

Donating your car to Cars for Kids is a straightforward, hassle-free process. Here's how it works:

  1. Contact Cars for Kids: Reach out via their website or phone line.
  2. Schedule a Pickup: They'll arrange a free pickup at your convenience.
  3. Receive a Tax Receipt: Once your car is picked up, you'll get a receipt for your generous donation, which can be used for tax deductions.

What sets Cars for Kids apart is their commitment to making the process seamless for donors while ensuring maximum benefit for the children.

The Impact of Your Donation

When you donate your junk car to Cars for Kids, the impact of your gesture extends far beyond the mere disposal of an old vehicle. It's a powerful act that sets a series of positive changes in the community and the environment. Let's explore the multifaceted impact of your donation:

Supporting Children's Education and Development:

  • Educational Programs: Your car donation helps fund educational initiatives such as after-school tutoring, literacy programs, and scholarship opportunities for underprivileged children. For instance, a single vehicle donation could finance a year's worth of school supplies for several students or sponsor a child's education for an entire academic year.
  • Mentorship and Life Skills: Cars for Kids also funds mentorship programs. These programs pair children with positive role models who guide them in developing essential life skills, building self-esteem, and making healthy decisions. Your donation could support a series of workshops or mentoring sessions, directly impacting the lives of numerous children.

Enhancing Community Outreach:

  • Your donation contributes to broader community initiatives, such as building playgrounds, supporting youth sports teams, or organizing community learning events. These projects benefit individual children and foster a sense of community and shared growth.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Recycling and Conservation: You're participating in an eco-friendly initiative by donating your junk car. Cars for Kids ensures that vehicles are correctly recycled, reducing waste and conserving resources. This process involves safely disposing of hazardous materials and reusing parts, which is crucial for environmental conservation.
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: The recycling process also helps reduce the carbon footprint. Recycling steel and other materials from junk cars decreases the need for new raw materials, significantly lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with mining and manufacturing.

Personal Benefits:

  • Tax Deductions: In addition to the societal and environmental benefits, donating your car to Cars for Kids offers a financial perk in the form of a tax deduction. This can be a meaningful incentive, especially for those looking to make a difference while managing their finances effectively.
  • Convenience and Emotional Satisfaction: Donating is made easy and hassle-free, providing a convenient way to dispose of unwanted vehicles. More importantly, there's an emotional gratification that comes from knowing your old car is aiding in the development and growth of children. It's a unique opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of others, turning what was once an idle asset into a catalyst for positive change.

Contact Cars for Kids To Donate Your Junk Car

In conclusion, Cars for Kids offers a unique opportunity to turn your junk car into a vehicle for change. Your donation declutters your space and contributes to the growth and development of needy children. We invite you to join this transformation journey – donate your junk car today and be a part of building a brighter future for our children.

Jan 05, 2024
Tax Benefits of Donating Your Vehicle

Donating a car might seem like a simple act of charity, but it's much more than that. It's an opportunity to contribute to a noble cause while reaping benefits for yourself, especially during tax season. We at Cars For Kids aim to guide you through the process and help you understand how donating your vehicle can support a great cause and provide significant tax advantages. Whether you have an old car sitting in your driveway or are considering a new way to contribute to charity, you can make a difference.

The Basics of Vehicle Donation

Donating your vehicle to Cars for Kids is a straightforward process that not only aids a noble cause but is also convenient for you as a donor. This section will walk you through the essential steps and criteria for donating your vehicle, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Step 1: Determining Eligibility for Donation

  • Type of Vehicle: Cars for Kids accepts many vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats. The vehicle's condition is generally not a barrier – whether running or not.
  • Ownership Documents: Having the vehicle's title in your name is crucial. Ensure all documentation is ready and accessible.

Step 2: Initiating the Donation Process

  • Contact Cars for Kids: Contact the organization via our website or phone. They offer an easy-to-fill online form or a direct line for inquiries.
  • Provide Vehicle Details: You'll need details about the vehicle, such as make, model, year, condition, and location.

Step 3: Scheduling a Pickup

  • Convenient Pickup: Cars for Kids will arrange a free towing service at a time that suits you. This service is a significant advantage for donors, especially those with non-running vehicles.
  • Handover: Ensure you have the keys and the title ready at pickup time.

Step 4: Receiving Your Tax Receipt

  • Tax Receipt: Cars for Kids will provide you with a tax receipt after the donation process. This receipt is vital for claiming your tax deduction and should be kept safely.

Important Considerations:

  • No Cost to You: The entire process, from pickup to paperwork, is free of charge to the donor.
  • Consultation: If you have any concerns or questions, Cars for Kids offers support and guidance throughout the process.

Donating a vehicle to Cars for Kids is not just about disposing of an unwanted vehicle; it's about making a significant impact in the lives of children. The process is designed to be as effortless as possible for the donor, ensuring that the maximum benefit is directed towards the needy children.

Understanding Tax Benefits

Aside from the altruistic aspect, one of the most compelling reasons to donate your vehicle to Cars for Kids is the potential tax benefit.

Understanding the Tax Deduction:

  • Qualification for Deduction: Donating a vehicle to a registered charity like Cars for Kids makes you eligible for a tax deduction. This deduction is based on the value of your donated vehicle.
  • Determining the Value: The value of your tax deduction depends on how Cars for Kids uses the vehicle. If the car is sold, your deduction equals the sale price. If the vehicle is used in the charity's auctions, you can deduct its fair market value.

How to Claim Your Tax Deduction:

  • Documentation: The key to claiming your deduction is the tax receipt provided by Cars for Kids. This receipt will detail the value of your donation.
  • Filing Taxes: You must itemize deductions on your tax return to claim the deduction. It's recommended to consult with a tax professional to understand how this fits into your overall tax situation.

IRS Guidelines:

  • IRS Publication 4303: The IRS provides guidelines on car donations in Publication 4303, "A Donor's Guide to Car Donations." This publication is a valuable resource for understanding the tax implications of your donation.
  • Form 8283: For donations valued over $500, you must complete Form 8283 and attach it to your tax return. An independent appraisal might be required if the vehicle's value exceeds $5,000.

Maximizing Your Tax Benefits:

  • Timely Donation: Consider the timing of your donation. Donating before the end of the year can be beneficial if you're looking to claim the deduction for the current tax year.
  • Keep Records: Maintain thorough records of the donation process, including correspondence with Cars for Kids and all documentation related to the vehicle.

Why It Matters:

  • Dual Benefit: The tax benefit is a compelling incentive and a reflection of your contribution to a worthy cause. It's a unique opportunity where your act of charity aligns with your financial advantage.

How Your Donation Helps

When you donate a vehicle to Cars for Kids, you're doing much more than just clearing space in your garage or driveway. Your donation plays a pivotal role in supporting the organization's mission to improve the lives of children. 

Direct Impact on Children's Lives:

  • Funding Educational Programs: The proceeds from your donated vehicle directly fund educational and developmental programs. These programs are designed to empower children, providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed.
  • Supporting After-School Activities: Many donated vehicles help sustain after-school programs, crucial in offering children a safe and productive environment outside school hours.

Broader Community Benefits:

  • Enhancing Opportunities: By supporting Cars for Kids, your donation helps create opportunities for children with limited educational resources.
  • Building a Stronger Future: Investing in children's education and well-being has a long-term positive effect on the community. Educated and empowered children grow up to be contributing members of society.

Success Stories and Testimonials:

  • Real-Life Impact: Cars for Kids often shares stories and testimonials from children and families who have benefited from their programs. These stories provide a tangible sense of the difference your donation can make.
  • Inspiration for Others: These success stories showcase the organization's impact and inspire others to contribute to the cause.

Your Role in Their Mission:

  • A Vital Contribution: Every vehicle donation is more than just a transaction; it's an essential contribution to a cause that relies on the generosity of donors like you.
  • Spreading Awareness: By donating your vehicle and sharing your experience, you help raise awareness about the organization and its mission, potentially inspiring others to contribute.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does donating my car to Cars for Kids benefit me tax-wise?

  • Answer: Donating your car can qualify you for a tax deduction. The deduction amount depends on how Cars for Kids uses the vehicle - the sale price or the fair market value.

2. What documentation will I receive for my tax deduction?

  • Answer: You will receive a tax receipt from Cars for Kids. This receipt is crucial for tax purposes as it will detail the necessary information about your donation.

3. Are all vehicles eligible for donation?

  • Answer: Cars for Kids generally accepts most vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats, regardless of their condition. However, it's best to check with them for any specific criteria.

4. How is the value of my donated vehicle determined for tax purposes?

  • Answer: The value is based on the gross proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle. The fair market value may be used if the car is used for charitable purposes or given to a person in need.

5. Can I donate a vehicle that isn't running?

  • Answer: Cars for Kids accepts vehicles in almost any condition, including those not running.

6. How long will it take to process my donation?

  • Answer: The process varies, but Cars for Kids strives for quick and efficient handling of your donation. Contact them for specific timelines.

7. Do I need to be present at the time of pickup?

  • Answer: No, but you will need to provide the keys and title to the vehicle.

8. Is there any cost for me to donate my vehicle?

  • Answer: No, Cars for Kids offers free towing and handles all paperwork at no cost to the donor.

Take Action and Make a Difference with Cars for Kids

 Not only do you get the opportunity to support a noble cause, but you also enjoy potential tax benefits. It's a unique chance to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and, at the same time, receive something valuable in return.

If you have an unused or old vehicle, consider turning it into a powerful tool for change. Your donation could be the key that unlocks a world of possibilities for children in need. The process is straightforward and hassle-free, and Cars for Kids handles everything from towing to paperwork at no cost.

But the real beauty of your contribution lies in the smiles, opportunities, and brighter futures you create for children. Every vehicle, regardless of its condition, has the potential to transform lives. By donating, you become a part of a compassionate community committed to making a positive impact.

So, why wait? Take that step today! Visit Cars for Kids' website or give them a call to initiate the donation process. Your vehicle could be the following invaluable resource that helps drive forward the mission of Cars for Kids. Remember, it's not just a donation; it's an investment in a child's future.

Jan 02, 2024
Public Service Announcement: Cars for Kids Public Car Auction Viewing Open Now!

Exciting news! Starting January 6, 2024, we are thrilled to announce that our Public Car Auction is open for in-person viewing. Now is your chance to get up close and personal with our diverse selection of vehicles that are up for auction.

In-Person Viewing Details:

Please note that in-person bids will not be accepted at the auction site. Bidding is exclusively done online via our website using your mobile device.

Online Bidding Guidelines:

  • Ensure a stable internet connection for seamless bidding.
  • Bids will only be accepted through the Cars for Kids website/app.
  • Register on our platform to access the full auction catalog.

Important Note: No in-person bids will be accepted at the auction site. To participate in the auction, make sure to place your bids online through our secure platform.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we continue to prioritize the safety and convenience of our community. If you have any questions or need assistance with online bidding, our dedicated support team is here to help.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Cars for Kids. Happy bidding, and may you find the perfect vehicle to drive positive change in the lives of children!

Dec 21, 2023
Wishing Happy Holidays to Our Amazing Cars for Kids Family!

As the holiday season is upon us, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to each member of the Cars for Kids family. Your dedication, passion, and hard work have been the driving force behind every success we've achieved.

To Our Incredible Team:

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of children. Your efforts have brought joy, education, and hope to countless young hearts.

To Our Donors and Supporters:

Your generosity has been the gift that keeps on giving. Because of you, we've been able to create smiles, provide opportunities, and build a brighter future for kids in need.

To Our Partners and Collaborators:

Acertus DeliversAi Media GroupMPACT Financial Group, LLC and POMOROITogether, we've formed alliances that transcend charity; we've built bridges of hope and opportunity. Thank you for sharing in our vision and working side by side with us.

As We Reflect on the Year:

Let's celebrate the victories, the challenges conquered, and the lives touched. Each one of you has played a vital role in our journey, and we're immensely grateful for your contributions.

May this Holiday Season Bring You:

  • Joy that warms your heart.
  • Peace that fills your soul.
  • Moments of laughter and connection.
  • Renewed energy for the year ahead.

Dec 12, 2023
Spreading Holiday Cheer with Project Love Love and Cars for Kids!

Unwrapping Joy: Christmas Gifts for Every Child! Project Love Love and Cars for Kids teamed up to provide Christmas gifts for children who deserve a little extra love this holiday season. From toys to essentials, each gift is wrapped with care and delivered straight from the heart.

Cars for Kids: Driving Change Beyond the Road

Cars for Kids isn't just about vehicles; it's about driving positive change in our communities. This holiday season, witness the power of generosity and the joy it brings to the faces of our little ones.

'Tis the Season to Give Back!

Let's come together to make this holiday season magical for every child. Watch our video, share the love, and consider how you can be a part of this incredible initiative. Together, we can make a difference!

Dec 11, 2023
K4K, known for infamous jingle, heads to court in trademark infringement case...

(Source amNY by Ben Branchfeld) Kars4Kids, the tri-state area charity known for its ubiquitous “1-877-KARS-4-KIDS” jingle, heads to court this week amid a fierce trademark infringement battle with a similarly-named Texas charity.

For more than two decades, New Jersey-based Kars4Kids has become known around the country for its near-constant advertising on radio and television featuring a jingle that has been widely described as an earworm. The jingle features young children imploring listeners to “donate your car today,” with proceeds from the car’s sale being used to fund enrichment programming for local youth.

But the organization has been locked in a years-long legal battle with a Texas charity with a similar name, America Can! Cars for Kids, which also solicits used car donations and uses the proceeds to help young people. Cars for Kids was founded in 1992, with Kars4Kids coming on the scene in 1994.

After years of legal threats, Kars4Kids sued Cars for Kids in 2014, alleging trademark infringement, and Cars for Kids countersued the following year. In 2019, a federal judge in New Jersey ruled in favor of Cars for Kids, and ordered its alleged imitator to fork over $10 million in damages. Kars4Kids has appealed the ruling, and the two parties will appear in federal court in New Jersey this week for a hearing.

“Hopefully after that, everything will be done and we’ll be able to move on,” said Colin Weatherwax, CEO of Dallas-based Cars for Kids, in an interview with amNewYork Metro. “We obviously want to recoup some of our costs, but at the end of the day we just want what is rightfully ours, which is our name.”

Read full article here.

Dec 07, 2023
Want To Donate Your Car? Here's What To Do First

Donating your car to charity can be a great way to give back to the community, reduce your tax bill, and get rid of a vehicle you no longer need. But before you donate your car, you should do some research to ensure it will be put to good use and provide the maximum benefit to the charity.

This blog post will discuss a few important tasks you should do before donating your car to charity to ensure a positive impact on the cause you choose to support.

Research the Charity

Conducting thorough research on your chosen charity helps you ensure that it's a legitimate, registered non-profit organization with a proven track record that will use your donation wisely. This step safeguards your goodwill gesture against any potential misuse.

Some charities apply a significant portion of donations to administrative costs, leaving less for the cause they claim to support. This information can be found on the charity's website, where they are required to disclose their financial information.

You can also check independent charity watchdog organizations that provide ratings and reviews of various charities to get a better understanding of their operations and impact.

You also want to make sure your chosen charity aligns with your values and supports causes that are important to you. For example, if you're passionate about helping needy children, you may want to donate your car to an organization that specifically focuses on providing education, healthcare, or other support services to underprivileged children.

An internet search should yield a wealth of information about the charity's operations, including its tax-exempt status, mission statement, and impact report. This kind of transparent information helps confirm the charity's legitimacy and assures that your car donation will indeed play a part in making a child's dream come true.

Find Out How the Car Will Be Used

Understanding how the charity plans to use your donated car is vital before committing to donate. It adds a layer of transparency and helps you make a more informed decision.

You might find that some charities will sell the car and use the proceeds to fund their projects, while others might use the vehicle in their daily operations.

For instance, if you donate to the charity in the earlier example, they might use the car to transport children to and from school or medical appointments. Others might decide to fix the car and gift it to a needy family or use it as part of their outreach programs.

You can also inquire about the charity's policies for accepting vehicle donations to see if they will accept non-running cars or those in need of significant repairs. Some organizations may have specific requirements for the condition and type of vehicle they accept, so it's best to clarify this beforehand.

In addition, knowing how your car will be used can also affect the tax deductions you can claim. If the charity uses the car for its operations or gives it to a family in need, you can claim a deduction for its fair market value.

However, if the charity sells the car, your deduction is limited to the gross proceeds from the sale. This information can significantly impact your tax planning if you want to maximize your charitable contributions.

Cars for Kids offers an easy and hassle-free donation process that allows you to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children in need. Our organization is committed to transparency and ethical operations, ensuring that your car donation will have a positive and lasting effect on the community we serve. Give us a call or visit our website to learn more about our programs and how you can help make a difference today.

Dec 04, 2023
Cars for Kids and YMCA Forge Dynamic Holiday Partnership on The Consumer Team Show

In an exciting development, two community powerhouses, Cars for Kids and YMCA, are joining hands for a festive collaboration this Holiday Season. The vibrant partnership took center stage on The Consumer Team Show on KRLD, where Pete Thomson engaged in a dynamic conversation with Giselle Patterson, the Executive Director of YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas, and Colin Weatherwax, the CEO of Cars for Kids.

The discussion illuminated the shared commitment of both organizations to bring joy and support to communities during the holiday festivities. Giselle Patterson shared insights into the YMCA's longstanding dedication to community well-being, emphasizing the impact of collective efforts during the Holiday Season. Colin Weatherwax, representing Cars for Kids, expressed the organization's enthusiasm for collaborating with the YMCA, highlighting the unique ways in which their partnership aims to make a positive difference.

Listeners of The Consumer Team Show were treated to an insider's view of how these organizations plan to leverage their strengths and resources to create a meaningful impact. As the conversation unfolded, it became evident that this collaboration is not just about events; it's about building a community where everyone feels supported and celebrated during the holiday season.

With the holiday spirit in full swing, the partnership between Cars for Kids and YMCA is set to exemplify the true meaning of giving back.

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