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Vehicle Auction Fees



  • Purchase Price
  • Buyer’s Premium ( See Below)
  • Processing Fee ($35.00 for dealers, $85.00 for Individuals)
  • State Sales Tax 6.25% (Paid to County Tax Office)
  • Vehicle Inventory Tax 0.002092 x Sales price (Paid to County Tax Office)
  • Title Application Fee ($33.00 Paid to County Tax Office)
  • E-Tag Fee ($5.00 Paid to County Tax Office)
  • $50.00 Transfer Fee (If transferring into different bidder’s name after bid is won. Fee is charged per item transferred.)
  • $50.00 per day, per lot storage fee if not paid for and removed from our lot by 4:00pm on Monday, following the auction.

The Fee Structure for the Buyer’s Premium is below:
Sales Price Sales Price The Buyer's
Minimum Maximum Premium
$6,500.00And more10% of bid amount
Example of Invoice Fees Break Down:
Sales Price Buyers Premium Processing Fee 6.25% Sales Tax 0.002092 X 
Sales Price VIT
Title Fee E-Tag Total Due