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Driving Change, Changing Lives: #CarsForKids CEO Colin Weatherwax Expands Mission to Reach More Kids in Need
August 21, 2023
by America Can Cars for Kids

In a compelling move and commitment to making a positive impact, CEO Colin Weatherwax of #CarsForKids is embarking on a transformative journey. This expansion aims to bring a ray of hope and change into the lives of even more children in need in Seattle Washington.

For years, #CarsForKids has been synonymous with charitable car donations, changing the lives of countless children by transforming vehicles into opportunities for growth. The organization's reach has been far-reaching, impacting communities across the nation. Under Weatherwax's leadership, this impact is poised to expand further, touching the lives of children in regions that need it most including the Seattle, WA area.

"At #CarsForKids, we've always strived to make a tangible difference in the lives of kids in need," Weatherwax shared. "But our mission doesn't stop at helping a few; it's about reaching every child who could use some extra love and support. This expansion allows us to bring our vision to life on an even grander scale."

The first phase of this expansion will see the organization collaborating with local partners, schools, and community organizations in regions that have historically faced challenges. Weatherwax's team is already hard at work, forging connections and identifying ways to make a meaningful impact.

"Local engagement is key," Weatherwax explained. "We're not just dropping in; we're immersing ourselves in the communities we aim to serve. By understanding their unique needs and aspirations, we can tailor our support to make the greatest difference."

The expansion doesn't stop at immediate relief. Weatherwax envisions a future where #CarsForKids continues to provide ongoing support, creating lasting change in the lives of children. Education, mentorship, and access to resources are all part of the plan to ensure that kids not only receive help today but also have the tools they need to build brighter futures.

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