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Car Donations for Kids: What To Know

Oct 10, 2023

Some children's charities accept cars as donations. The charities sell the donated cars and use the money to support at-risk kids.

How the Donations Benefit the Kids

Charities that accept car donations for kids use the proceeds for different benefits. Below are some of the tangible ways your donation may benefit kids.

Providing Basic Needs

Many places have at-risk kids who do not have places to stay, food, or even clothes to wear. Your donation can pay for some of these basic needs and uplift a child's well-being. The donations may even help pay for childcare for the young ones who need it.

Providing Healthcare

Everyone can get sick, but not everyone can afford the relevant treatment whenever they fall ill. Proceeds from your donated car can help pay for preventive and treatment medical costs for kids who need it. For example, the money can buy medical drugs, pay for surgeries, and settle doctor's consultation fees.

Providing Educational Needs

Many agree that education is one of the best gifts a parent can give a child. Unfortunately, many kids don't have parents who can give them the necessary education. Again, car donations can help pay for educational needs, like extra tuition, textbooks, and school lunches.

How the Donations Benefit You

One of the best things about donations is that they benefit both the beneficiaries and the givers. Below are ways you can benefit from donating your cars to kids.

Freeing Up Space

Cars sitting in your driveway occupy space you can put to better use. For example, you can use the space to plant a flower garden, set up an outdoor lounge, or a barbecue area. The bigger your car is, the more you can do with the space it occupies. Donate the car and free up the space.

Improving Curb Appeal

An old car sitting in your driveway interferes with your curb appeal. Even if your neighbors haven't complained, they probably don't like how your home looks with an ever-present car in the front yard. Decreased curb appeal is especially problematic with cars that don't run and sit in the same place daily.

Improving Safety and Security

Unused automobiles in the driveway are safety and security risks in different ways. For example, these vehicles are attractive nuisances that can attract neighborhood kids. Kids who get hurt on your property can receive compensation. In addition, automobiles make good hiding places for burglars. Donating the cars will instantly improve your home's safety and security.

Relieving You From Car Repair, Sale, or Disposal Stress

People deal with broken-down cars or cars they are not using in different ways. Some sell the cars; others repair the cars and continue using them, while others treat them as garbage. However, none of these options is as straightforward and as convenient as donating the cars.

For example, you might spend thousands of dollars to fix a car without success. Disposing of cars as garbage is a disservice to the environment. Donating the car is easy and benefits others.

Giving You Tax Deductions

The Internal Revenue Service allows tax deductions for car donations. You may base the deduction on the car's sale or fair market price, depending on how the charity treats it. Many charities do their best to maximize these deductions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Charities to Support

Do due diligence before donating your car to a charity. Below are a few things to consider.

Choose a Qualified Charity

Ideally, you should donate your car to a qualified charity that the government recognizes as such. Qualified charities exclusively deal with a few specific needs. Charities that directly benefit children belong in this category. Dealing with a qualified charity guarantees your donations to your chosen cause.

Consider the Ease of Donating

Choose a charity that won't give you grief with the donation. The donation process should be straightforward. For example, some charities will pick up your car at no additional cost.

Cars For Kids is a certified charity; we have operated for over three decades. We operate in all 50 states to help at-risk kids. Contact us to donate your car and help build a better future for kids.