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Jorge's Success Story

Let me start with where I come from: My name is Jorge Garcia. I was raised in a bad neighborhood on the Eastside of Austin.  My parents worked, so I was never taught by them.  I hung out on the streets all day.  My parents never made it out of elementary school.  I would be the first one to have a high school diploma but I wasn’t interested.
Back at my other school my behavior and lack of attendance was a big problem and I thought I would never graduate.  I used to skip class all the time and chill with my friends.  I always got into trouble doing stupid stuff.  I knew one day it would catch up to me. 
I got into trouble in school one day and was arrested. During court, I saw my mom cry my dad also told me that my girl was crying.  It felt really bad knowing that I was hurting them both.  I knew I had to straighten up but where to start?  I was stuck.  I felt like giving up and I didn’t know what to do.  I would have been locked up for 4 years but the judge gave me a 2nd chance, 9 months of probation, wanting me to keep going to school was the first step.  
It was hard trying to find a school that accepted me. The school board of education kicked me out of the A.I.S.D. district.  I couldn’t enroll anywhere, until I found Austin Can! Academy.  Other than the judge, this school gave me a 2nd chance. It was like everything I needed to graduate.  It gave me hope, the teachers are fun and can teach real good. They always help you and give you special attention when you need it, and it really helped me. With the help of my family, my girl and especially Austin Can! I am now a high school graduate!! The first in my family.
I Love Austin CAN! Academy.




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