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Young professional finds security at Dallas Can!

Career leads him back to academy once again. “Crazy!” That’s the only term Hector can utter about his high school experience at Sunset High in Dallas, Texas. Disillusioned by the craze, yet still with dreams of becoming a police officer, Hector made a change. At age 16, he enrolled in Dallas Can! Academy – Oak Cliff. Today, six years later, he has returned to serve as the school’s security officer. “Hector is just one of the hundreds of TEXANS CAN! Students who are thriving in their professional careers,” said Grant East, Founder. “He is why we opened the academies over 20 years ago; why hundreds of faculty and staff devote countless hours to these kids – to help students get a second chance at an education.” Employed with Initial Security for over two years, Hector is married to wife Amanda, also a Dallas Can! - Oak Cliff graduate and the person who originally encouraged him to make the high school switch. Hector knows the school helped him turn a difficult corner. “If I had continued at Sunset, I probably would not have graduated,” he said. “At Dallas Can!, the counselors were always available to talk to me. The staff was nice and helpful. They kept me motivated and gave me confidence that I could succeed.” The flexible hours are also something Hector credits with helping him stay in high school. He was able to start his first job in security while attending Dallas Can! “Hector was a good student, mature,” said April Rentzsch, Dallas Can! Academy counselor. “He was quiet and calm, always with a positive attitude.” After receiving his diploma, Hector spent two semesters at Mountain View College. Although he’s not attending today, he’s still motivated to go further. “Becoming a police officer, it’s still a goal of mine. And I’m still working toward it”, he said. Sounds like the motivation he received at Dallas Can! Is still alive and well. Right now, Hector is enjoying his position, watching over the school that has meant so much to him. “The students look at me and say ‘Hi.’ They know I graduated from the school, and I think seeing me in this position makes a difference to them.”




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