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Cars for Kids - Ohio

Cars For Kids OH

Here's everything you need to know in case you're new to Cars for Kids serving Ohio. It's a nonprofit, tax exempt, 501 (c) (3) car donation charity founded in 1992. As the original “Cars for Kids”, the organization provides at-risk youth with support and the educational resources necessary for them to flourish and finish high school. With a mission of dropout prevention, Cars for Kids OH uses the proceeds from vehicle donations to provide kids in very difficult circumstances a second chance to earn a diploma.

Cars for Kids welcomes nearly all types of vehicle donations from any city or county in the state of OHIO whether the car works or not. The organization will also pick up your vehicle when you donate a vehicle in OH, and towing is free. A vehicle donation OH could be a car, truck, van, SUV, ATV, RV, camper, trailer, jet skis, a boat, and most all kinds of motorized cars. When people donate a vehicle, all proceeds benefit the education and needs of teens in need. Please donate a car in OH today to help these children.

Cars for Kids in OH will tow your car or vehicle for free form anywhere in Ohio including, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Parma, Canton, Lorain, Hamilton, Youngstown. Regardless of your location, they will gladly pick up your car donation free of charge.

Why Car Donation in Ohio?

By making a car donation in Ohio, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of troubled youth at a crossroads in life. When you donate a car in Ohio, you'll be helping at-risk kids to stay in school and get their high school diploma. Cars for Kids works to improve education for kids that have difficulties in traditional classroom environments. Your car donation in Ohio offers you some great benefits to you as well. These include:

  • A $50 gift card
  • An IRS maximum tax deduction
  • Free towing and convenient pickup times
  • All net proceeds support educational needs of at-risk youth
  • The company is highly rated by Great Nonprofits.
  • Cars for Kids helps with the paperwork for your Ohio car donation.
  • Enjoy more space in your garage or driveway
  • Avoid hassles of selling and / or costly car repairs.

How to Donate Your Car in OH?

As a car donation program with over 30 years of experience, Cars for Kids is the trusted way to donate your car in OH. Their dedicated staff strives to make the entire experience hassle-free for you. They’re available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and help you get started. Here are some tips on how to donate your car in OH:

  • Visit us online anytime at
  • Set an appointment for free pickup and towing.
  • Donors get a temporary receipt when the vehicle is picked up.
  • Our title experts assist with transferring the ownership paperwork.
  • When the vehicle is sold at auction, you'll get a 1098 (C) tax receipt.
Call to donate your car in OH today. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that your vehicle donation Ohio will be helping kids in your community.

Our Mission: “Changing Lives through Car Donation”

Our organization is committed to helping high-risk young people improve their chances of completing their high school education and change their lives forever. Students have a higher chance of having a brighter future with more opportunities. We're proud to say that all proceeds of your donation go towards supporting tuition-free charter schools. They provide a welcoming environment for students, and Cars for Kids has helped thousands of young people thanks to those who donate a car in Ohio and the U.S. at large.

The youngsters might be from an underserved community or other challenging circumstances. Donate a vehicle in OH, and you'll be giving kids a second chance in so many valuable ways. With your help, the Car for Kids organization can provide essential services such as food, flu shots, medical care, eyeglasses, childcare, and help arrange a flexible class schedule so young people can work while attending high school. Many non-traditional students have a higher likelihood of dropping out of school, and Cars for Kids needs your help to change lives.

Donate a Vehicle in Ohio or Cash & Make a Difference

We make it simple for you to donate a vehicle in Ohio. The Cars for Kids staff will help you get started, and we'll continue to help you from start to finish.

The Cars for Kids Ohio program offers two ways you can help kids graduate:

1. Vehicle donation

2. Cash donation

Vehicle Donation OH

When you make a vehicle donation in OH, Cars for Kids is the vehicle donation charity that you can trust to be a good steward of you contribution. As a “Top-Rated” nonprofit charity by Great Nonprofits, Cars for Kids is dedicated to serving kids in need by providing them a second chance. You can rest assured that your vehicle donation from Ohio will make a difference for kids and the community.

Whether you make a cash donation or a vehicle donation in OH, you'll receive a receipt for tax purposes. When the vehicle gets sold at auction, the proceeds of your generous donation is put to work to transform the lives of children. As a special thank you for your charitable gift, we'll send a $50 gift certificate to you.

Cash Donations

Cars for Kids also gladly accepts cash donations 24/7 for your convenience. Therefore, if you don't have a car, or you're not in the market for a vehicle, it's super simple to make a cash donation. Your donation is tax deductible, and our organization welcomes small and large cash donations alike. You can opt to make a one-time donation or sign up to make automatic monthly donations.

Your cash or vehicle donation OH will make an enormous impact on the life of a child in need. Please visit today.

Write Off The Car, Not The Kid OH!

You have the power to prevent dropouts and make a difference in the lives of kids by making a car, vehicle or cash donation to Cars for Kids OH. Whether it's running, not running, or just taking up space, when you donate a vehicle in Ohio, you will impact lives in a meaningful way.

So, Write Off The Car, Not The Kid in OH and help build a brighter future. Call or visit our site at Cars for Kids today and get started!

Cars for Kids is an IRS-approved Tax Exempt, 501 (c) (3) charity and nonprofit organization (TAX ID #46-2077931). Our car donation program operates in all 50. Donations support America Can! and helps educate and provide items such as food, housing, clothing, childcare, and other basic necessities for at-risk youth as they work toward their high school diploma.