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Cars for Kids - Michigan

Cars for Kids MI

Cars for Kids in MI is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization established in 1992. Its objective is to prevent kids from dropping out and help them earn their high school diploma. Every kid deserves an education and a chance to live the American dream regardless of background and challenges.

As the original Cars for Kids and a top-rated nonprofit by “Great Nonprofits”, our car donation charity program has been accepting cars for over three decades. During that time, we have helped thousands of kids graduate though vehicle donations from generous individuals like you.

We accept all kinds of vehicles running or not, from anywhere in the state of Michigan, including, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren City, Sterling Heights, Ann Arbor, Lansing City, Dearborn, Clinton Charter Township, Canton, Livonia, Macomb, Troy City, and Flint, as well as any other city, town, or county in Michigan.

How to Make a Car Donation in Michigan

When making a car donation in Michigan, it’s imperative that you select a car donation charity that is trustworthy and reliable. With years of experience, our car donation charity has perfected the donation process making the experience hassle free for our donors. In addition, we have earned the coveted “Top-Rated” status form Great Nonprofits. Thus, you can be certain that your car donation in Michigan is going to a good cause and making a difference in the lives of kids.

Instructions on how to donate your car:

  • Call Cars for Kids with your vehicle’s make & model.
  • You can also fill out a donor application form online.
  • Schedule a free pickup to have your vehicle towed from anywhere in MI
  • Receive a temporary ticket at time of pickup.
  • Let our donation staff assist you with title transfer.
  • Get a 1098(c) form once your vehicle is sold at auction.
  • Feel a sense of pride knowing that you helped changes lives.
Car for kids, utilizes all earnings from donated vehicle auctions to help those needy kids. Judiciously channeling every cent of the proceeds from your car donation is central to meeting disadvantaged kids' challenges. You can better the prospects of at-risk kids through a cash or car donation in Michigan.

Charitable Cash Contribution

We gladly accept cash donations anytime instead of a vehicle.

It's a rewarding and straightforward donation to make. All it requires is to kindly send your charitable cash contribution online using our secure payment portal.

No, don't hold back from lending a helping hand to underprivileged kids in Michigan simply because you don't have a vehicle to donate. So, if you have no car, there is no need to sweat it; a cash donation will do just fine. You can make a onetime or recurring donation.

Your car or cash donation provide an educational environment where students can flourish as well as provide things that many take for granted such as food, clothing, winter coats, backpacks, laptops, school supplies, childcare, vaccinations, eye exams, glasses, and basic medical care.

Nothing is too small; every little bit counts.

Why Donate Your Car in Michigan to Car for Kids?

When you decide to donate your Car in Michigan to Cars for Kids, you are choosing to make a difference in the lives of kids facing extreme adversity. In addition to helping at-risk youth, you will also receive the following benefits when you donate your car in Michigan:

  • It makes quality education accessible to needy kids.
  • Receive a $50 gift card in appreciation for the generous donation.
  • Your donation will receive the max tax deduction from IRS.
  • It eliminates the stress of vehicle maintenance or a salesperson.
  • You enjoy a transparent, straightforward donation process.
  • Create more space in your garage or driveway.
  • Our team will assist you with all the paperwork.
Now you know nothing is stopping you from donating your vehicle(s) today. Get started by visiting Cars for Kids today.

Vehicle Donation Michigan (More than Just Cars)

Cars for Kids accepts more than just cars. We accept any kind of vehicle donation in Michigan, from cars to forklifts. Whether you have an old car, truck, van, SUV, RV, ATV, motorcycle, boat, trailer, camper, or forklift we’ll gladly accept your vehicle donation in Michigan and put it to good use. Your vehicle donation doesn’t even have to be running.

So, any kind of vehicle, running or not, Cars for Kids is happy to pick up your vehicle donation form Michigan and tow it free of charge.

Donate Your Vehicle in Michigan & Save

Donate your vehicle in Michigan today and smile knowing that you are helping at-risk youth. Knowing that your donation is for a noble course, inner peace and deep satisfaction are yours. Due to your charitable gift to children with uncertain futures, they can now get a better shot at life. The spirit of charity emanating from you is a beacon of hope for the good life for countless children. Plus, no more insurance to pay, no fixes to bother with, or even costly maintenance.

Indeed, writing off a vehicle a donation has never been this easy. Giving it a trial today will convince you.

All you need do is call to donate your vehicle in Michigan, and we will happily walk you through the entire donation process from start to finish.

Write Off The Car, Not The Kid MI!

You now have the unique privilege of helping someone while relieving yourself of the burden of your old vehicle. There is no need to bear the unnecessary expense of keeping that old vehicle. Donate it today at Cars for Kids .

Invest in these kids today; they are leaders of tomorrow, the future. Every child deserves a chance to receive a quality education and graduate. Your donation will ensure these underprivileged kids have a chance to have that fundamental right. Please donate your car, truck, or vehicle in Michigan and help build a brighter future.

Cars for Kids is an IRS-approved Tax Exempt, 501 (c) (3) charity and nonprofit organization (TAX ID #46-2077931). Our car donation program operates in all 50. Donations support America Can! and helps educate and provide items such as food, housing, clothing, childcare, and other basic necessities for at-risk youth as they work toward their high school diploma.