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LaTasha's Success Story
My name is LaTasha Davis-Gomiller and I am a student at Austin Can! Academy. I am 20 years old and have a loving baby girl named Talaya and a wonderful husband, Milton.
Sean Fulayter
Sean Fulayter’s story is both humbling and inspiring.
Byron Del Pinal
Anything is possible if you are only willing to work toward achieving it.
Success Story - Armandina
This story was submitted by San Antonio Can! High School''s Ready to Work Coordinator, Charlotte Chew.
Jorge's Success Story
My name is Jorge Garcia.  I was raised in a bad neighborhood on the Eastside of Austin.  My parents worked, so I was never taught by them.  I hung out on the streets all day.
Ravyn's Success Story
Giving up should never be used in anyone's vocabulary because giving up should never be an option.
Stacey's Success Story
Beginning my first year of high school through what was supposed to be my junior year, I had no priorities or motivation to go to school.
Matt's success story.
To start out I'll explain where I'm coming from. I was born in Arkansas on May 1992, and spent the next 9 years of my life moving from state to state and many towns in between.
A Story to be Told, A Story to be Heard
All my life I have had to overcome problems that I thought would never happen to me. I was born with asthma, and my little brother was born with Downs Syndrome.
Gabino is this month's PM student of the month at the Fort Worth Can! Academy Campus Drive.
Ashley is one of our students of the month at the Fort Worth Can! Academy Campus Drive campus.
Alexis graduated in June. She is now enrolled in Medvance, a technical school, where she is studying medical office administration. She will begin classes July 6th and plans to complete her studies in eight months to one year.
Frank has an incredible smile and a great attitude.  He graduated in June and is hoping to enroll in community college and is interested in studying to be a pharmacy technician.
La’Phadra moved to Houston in October from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was behind in school because her family moved around alot. She said she attended a lot of different schools and didn’t learn as much as she should have.
Erica has a beautiful smile, is very bubbly and very positive. She graduated in June and has been accepted to Texas A&M. She went to a large public high school before enrolling at Houston Can!
Eboni is a student at Fort Worth Can! Academy-Campus Drive.
Dwayne's Success Story
My name is Dwayne and I've been attending Dallas Can! Academy for two years now currently enrolled as a sophomore.
Olivia's Success Story
Back at my first high school, I skipped constantly and several staff told me “You will never graduate!”
Steven's Success Story
Last Friday at a seafood buffet in Washington D.C. I got a phone call. It was from  a publicist for my school, Texans Can! Academy at Carrollton-Farmers Branch. Over the past week, I had been blogging about my experiences
I moved to Houston with my family from Honduras when I was 8 years old. I have always worked hard in school and dreamed of going to college one day to obtain a degree in Business Management.
Ashley Viera, 21 years old
Ashley Viera is a 21 year old student who is married with 4 children. Ashley just had her third child at the end of last school year.
In Their Own Words: AJ
AJ  is an Austin Can! student who will walk across the stage at the upcoming June Graduation Ceremony.
Another Texans Can! Success Story: James
Before James arrived at Fort Worth Can! Academy’s Campus Drive campus two years ago, he had been a struggling sophomore in high school, a year and a half behind on his credits to graduate. Today, he has completed all of his credits an
Can! Grad Faces Adversity and Leads by Example
Unable to adequately satisfy the credit requirement set at her former high school, Brit’kne  began listening.
Houston Can! Supportive Learning Environment Key To Grads Success
Seventeen year old Crystal knew her life was heading in the wrong direction. After realizing the combination of hanging around the wrong crowd and surrounding herself with people who were really not supportive or encouraging friends, she knew
New Wife, Mother Seeks to Help Others as Registered Nurse
There was a time when Ana didn’t have much hope for what her future might hold. Her days were filled with severe bouts of depression, sadness and even thoughts of suicide.
Houston Can! Student Graduates From Football to the Firehouse
Having been offered a full athletic scholarship for football, Brian believed he would live his dream of playing at collegiate level, and perhaps even as a professional. That dream, however, ended abruptly due to a serious knee injury.
Beating the Statistics and Having it All
At 30 years of age, Ana-Maria  has everything she wants…career, family and an education that will never fail her. All because she chose to pursue her GED with Dallas Can! Academy.
Determined Student Sets Example for Others
The halls of Houston Can! Academy are filled with students who were at-risk of not completing their high school education. Nikosha is no different. But what is different is her unwavering determination
Despite the Odds, Student Succeeds at Austin Can!
Joshua  was born and raised in New Orleans. Shortly after his father died, Hurricane Katrina further devastated the family. Joshua fled from his housing project as the water rose, fearing the worst because he cannot swim.
Perseverance Pays Off for Graduate
Amanda, 2003 Dallas Can! Academy graduate, realized after graduation that she’d learned more than she expected. Not only did she learn mathematical equations, English literature and scientific practices...
Foster care student finds home at Austin Can!
Ashley  was put into foster care as a young girl. Over six years, she was placed in seven foster homes in three different cities and attended 15 different schools.
Young professional finds security at Dallas Can!
Career leads him back to academy once again. “Crazy!” That’s the only term Hector can utter about his high school experience at Sunset High in Dallas, Texas.




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